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Type SM centrifugal sewage pumps and pump units.

Technical Parameters Master Table
Download Catalogue sm.pdf (198 kb)


      The SM-type centrifugal pumps are intended for pumping household and industrial contaminated liquids with maximum density up to 1100 kg/m3 with PH=6-8,5, with temperatures up to 363K(90°C), with the content of abrasive particles not more than 1% by mass, with the size of the particles not more than 5 mm.
      The pumps can be used in other industries provided their parameters meet the requirements of operation and safety in the industries.
      The pumps fall into item category 1 (restorable) GOST 27.003-90. They are produced in UHL (moderate cool) climatic design for employment in category 4 facilities, GOST 15150-69, and in T (tropical) design for employment in category 2 facilities, GOST 15150-69.
      The SM-type pumps and pumping units are designed for operating in explosion-proof and fire-proof rooms only.


SM - pump type (sewage))
80 - approximate suction pipe diameter (mm)
50 - approximate delivery pipe diameter (mm)
200 - approximate impeller diameter (mm)
a (b) - approximate impeller diameter (mm)
2(4,6) - rotary speed 2900min-1 (1450 min-1, 960 min-1)


    The SM-type pumps are centrifugal, horizontal, cantilever pumps, the shaft is gland-sealed.
    The character of the liquid which contains a great amount of impurities makes the design be proof against clogging. The flowing passages are wider in comparison with the passages of the pumps which transfer clean liquids.
    The setting details material is cast iron.
    The distance piece between the shafts of the pump and the electric motor allows to dismantle the pump without dismantling pipes and electric motor.

pump type SM
The pump consists of scroll case 2, enclosed-type impeller 3, seal case, 4, support bracket 5, shaft 7, running on the bearing assemblies 6. Bearing lubrication is grease. In case the impeller is clogged the pipe 1 fixed on the pump intake side allows to clean the flowing duct . The shaft is gland-sealed.

      The body of the pump is fastened to the flange of the support bracket. There is a ring scroll in the pump body.
      The driving wheel is of a single-entry closed type.
      Conveyance of liquid to the driving wheel is axial. A pipe reducer is provided for conveyance of liquid. It is held in position on the pump body by studs, this allows detaching the reducer when the necessity arises to clean the pump duct.
      The pressure tube is located within the body and is directed upwards.
      The pump rotor is driven by an electric motor through a sleeve coupling. The rotor support is ensured by two radial-thrust greased bearings that are fixed in the bracket. The spin direction is left-handed (anti-clockwise) if viewed from the side of the inlet tube.
      The hydraulic gland seal is ensured by feeding clear water into the gland seal zone.
      In the bottom part of the pump casing there is an aperture, stopped by a plug, for draining the leftover liquids if the pump stops for a long time.
      A hole in the bracket serves to tap the seal leakage.
      The flange dimensions meet the GOST 12815-80 specifications.
      The suction and pressure flanges have holes, stopped by plugs, for mounting of testing equipment.


    Warranted noise levels:
Unit designationSound pressure levels (dB) in octave frequency range with geometric mean frequencies, Hz.Sound level,
SM 80-50-200
SM 100-65-200
SM 150-125-315-490898891888582808089
SM 150-125-315-670707377757573716980
SM 200-150-400-485909795919093908595
SM 200-150-400-672737680838380767285


    Warranted vibration levels:
Unit designation Logarithmic levels of resistance to vibration (dB) in octave frequency range with geometric mean frequencies, Hz.
SM 80-50-200
SM 100-65-200
SM 200-150-400-49510010095
SM 150-125-315-490929592
SM 150-125-315-693959285
SM 200-150-400-690959290
 (+7 486 2) 43-73-22,   (+7 495) 931-97-18,   (+7 473 2) 63-59-81,   (+359 2) 971-56-71;